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Jirau donate its carbon credits for the Olympic Games

The shareholder companies of Energia Sustentável do Brasil (ESBR), concessionaire of the Jirau Hydroelectric Plant - Engie, Mitsui, Eletrosul and Chesf - donated 70,000 carbon credits for the Secretary of State for the Environment in Rio de Janeiro. The donation contributed to the Greenhouse Gas Emission Offset Greenhouse Project of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Rio 2016 - Program Clean Games.

This action was possible due to the registration of Jirau HPP under the Clean Development Mechanism, in December 2012 by the United Nations. Since then, the project became eligible to receive carbon credits and subsequent sale or donation of such credits. The plant has an installed capacity of 3,750 MW and the potential to generate clean energy to more than 10 million homes, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions by approximately six million tons of CO2 per year by replacing thermal generation with fossil fuels with renewable energy.

"All this confirms the importance of Jirau HPP for the Brazilian energy matrix and its social and environmental viability, providing sustainable practices like this, to contribute to the future of the next generations," says Victor Paranhos, CEO of ESBR. With the donation of credits, the company and its shareholders are collaborating to offset the issuance of approximately 1.6 million tons of carbon dioxide emitted in related works and services to the Olympic Games and the 2016 Paralympics.

Jirau hydro Plant

Located on the Madeira River in Porto Velho (RO), received funding from the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES), which encourages the implementation of hydropower projects and other renewable sources with low intensity in emissions of greenhouse gases.

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