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Highest certification in energy efficiency

The Regional Centre for Maintenance and Support Operation Eletrosul in Sant'Ana do Livramento, State of Rio Grande do Sul, won the PBE Build label with level A, Energy Efficiency, issued by Inmetro. With the recognition, the company counts ten energy efficiency labels for buildings, distributed in five buildings.

For certification in Sant'Ana do Livramento, the main criteria assessed were the envelope of the building - exterior walls and roof - lighting, air conditioning and the rational use of water. The solutions applied to the use of rainwater were also considered in the inspection carried out by the Certi Foundation, accredited body, ensuring bonus in the final score. The building also has solar heating system.

The PBE label Edifica is part of the Brazilian Labeling Program (PBE) and was developed in partnership between Inmetro and Eletrobras / Procel Edifica. In the state of Santa Catarina, Eletrosul received the label level A for Efficient House and headquarters in Florianópolis, and also to the Regional Centre for Maintenance and Operational Support Campos Novos. The last two buildings also won the Procel Edifications for pioneering Eletrosul the adoption of architectural and technological alternatives of energy efficiency and rational use of water in their facilities.

In the state of Rio Grande do Sul, the highest rating for energy efficiency for Eletrosul facilities was issued for the Complex Visitors Center Windfarm Cerro Chato and recently for the Regional Centre of Operation and Maintenance, both in the municipality of Sant'Ana do Livramento.

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