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Eletrosul efficient building wins the Green Wave Trophy

Eletrosul won the Green Wave Trophy, for Environmental Management, the efficiency of project headquarters, located in Florianópolis (SC). On Friday (26/08), members of the R&D Office represented the company at the ceremony that honored the winners of the 23rd Ecology Expression Award, considered the largest environmental award of southern Brazil, with recognition of the Ministry of Environment.

Built in the 1970, the Eletrosul's headquarters already served the time the techniques of eco-efficiency as thermal and natural lighting protection, which contribute to reducing energy consumption. Between 2005 and 2007, air conditioning systems and lighting were upgraded with the installation of high brightness lamps and electronic sensors in all areas. To rationalize the use of water, the toilets were equipped with technologies to reduce water waste.

In 2013, the headquarters received level labels for the design and building built by the Brazilian Labeling Program (PBE), which is coordinated by Eletrobras and the Inmetro (National Institute of Industrial Metrology Standardization and Quality). In 2014, it was one of the first buildings in the country to receive the Procel Building lable, created to recognize energy efficiency solutions for commercial and residential buildings. On that occasion, Eletrosul was chosen to be honored at the launch of Procel Buildings for its pioneering adoption of architectural and technological alternatives of energy efficiency and rational use of water in their facilities.

On the rooftop of the building and parking lots, holds the Megawatt Solar Power Plant (1 MWp), the most complex integrated photovoltaics to a building in Latin America. And it is still being developed a collection and use of rainwater system for non-potable purposes. This funding will take place in the building's roof, where the pipes will carry water to the reservoir of approximately 300 m³, after going through a damping system and filters. Rainwater will meet the demand of 31 cubic meters / day of toilets and the cooling system of the air conditioning towers.

A reference in energy efficiency

Eletrosul has expanded the application of sustainable technologies in its facilities and counts ten labels PBE Edifica with level A, Energy Efficiency, issued by Inmetro, distributed in five buildings. In Santa Catarina, the company received the certification for Efficient House and headquarters in Florianópolis, and also to the Regional Centre for Maintenance and Operational Support Campos Novos. The last two buildings also won the Procel Building lable. In Rio Grande do Sul, the highest rating for energy efficiency was issued to the Complex Visitors Center Wind Cerro Chato and the Regional Center for operation and maintenance, both in the municipality of Sant'Anna do Livramento.

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